Meadowlark Butcher + Grocer provides local, pasture-raised and 100% grass-fed meats, cut to order and sourced with transparency and integrity. A meadowlark itself is a small bird that lives amongst cattle in the plains. The identity that I created for Meadowlark plays with both bird that inspired the brand and the natural surroundings of these creatures, reflecting the handmade, down-home feel that Max, Meadowlark’s owner, brings to everything he creates and serves.

Working with Leila is a great pleasure. She’s a highly creative, organized, and clear-thinking designer who is always conscious of the delicate balance between how a design looks and how a design works.

Benjamin Weiss, Head of Interpretation,
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Leila has the kind of smarts that yield efficient work, great energy to the team, and beautiful results. It is truly a joy to work with her.

Kathy Sharpless, Director of Marketing & Communications,
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Leila is a very talented graphic designer. She knows how to balance aesthetic concerns and the needs of the client. The design process was a true collaboration and uncommonly successful. I also appreciated her sense of humor and enthusiasm.

Frederick Ilchman, Chair, Art of Europe,
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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