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Leila Simon Hayes is an abstract artist and award-winning designer, known for bold color combinations, playful patterns and unique mark-making.

Video by Sue Murad, editing by Molly Brock at Cowboy Collective


“I’m enabling expression to emerge on its own without a plan in place, without an outcome in mind and without representation of anything tangible. It might represent an internal state of mind, a feeling, a desire. I work from a mode of improvisation, a practice I’ve explored for decades in different mediums. I wait for the “click” I feel when I know a piece is complete. The way I get to that place, how long I need to wade through the middle zone, my response to the process, is different every time. And to me, that is the whole point, it’s an ever-changing exploration.”


color and form

"Bespoke patterns with beautiful energy and layering, Leila is a master of color and form. It was a delight see the inspiration, process, and conceptual thinking behind her stunning work."

Lizzie Vaughan
Art Director, Chronicle Books

unique mark-making

"Leila presents a really arresting selection of patterns. She has a bold, confident use of color and interesting, unique mark-making. It is really confident work."

Janine Vangool
Editor, UPPERCASE Magazine

bold patterns

"Not only is she a beautiful person, Leila has been a delight to work with. I discovered Leila’s bold patterns and beautiful work when I
needed her the most!."

Michelle Pohler
Founder, Hello Fears