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I have ADHD in a big way. I thrive on organized chaos and zigzag energy. I do nothing in a straight line. 


When Nooworks, approached me for a collaboration, excited about this pattern (that was very deep in my Instagram feed, hundreds of rows back) I protested. Not because I didn’t want to collaborate, and not because I don’t love Nooworks—I love Nooworks! I was so excited to collaborate! This pattern just felt a little exposing, a little too close to the real me behind the curtain. I offered many alternatives—that felt more pulled together, less chaotic—but no matter how many I sent or how much I adjusted this one, Jen (Nooworks owner/creative director) kept coming back to the original. And I’m glad she did. Now I see what she saw. I love the energy, the variation, the scale of this pattern on the "wildly fun, quirky, cute, and sometimes totally over the top" clothes Nooworks makes. 


Black and white is where all my work begins in the studio. More often than not, patterns move into a next phase with bright, bold color combinations. However, sometimes a pattern just wants to stay in its natural form; chaotic, playful, simply itself. And that was the case with Zig Zag. 


I’m so exited to share it with you. I hope you love it. 


Nooworks has a boatload of Zig Zag apparel in a wide range of styles and sizes. I’m selling totes and dopp bags in my shop. I can’t wait to hear what you think. And if you take any cute mirror selfies, please send them my way.



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