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If you missed my introduction to the “for later“ basket, you can find it here


Leila Simon Hayes art process photo collage


Another series born from the “for later” basket is my Looking In series. An attempt to capture visually some feelings I’ve had walking in the woods, Looking In began from the act of cutting up old, discarded collages. These were very simple two-color, cut paper shapes inspired by a poster I had made a while back.


Sensitive Subject band poster by Leila Simon Hayes


As I cut strips of the cut paper collages, I realize they made new odd, mismatched shapes depending on how I arranged them. This felt like a perfect representation of the amorphous, iterative, evolving feelings that move through me when I’m walking in the woods.


You can see videos of this process here and here.


Looking In print by Leila Simon Hayes


You can find the Looking In print series here


My favorite reminder from making work this way is this: nothing is fixed, there are always new possibilities, new arrangements, new ways to move forward. 



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